Other Varieties

Purple-Blue: Most purple-blue potatoes’ flesh is moist and firm and retains its shape while adding eye-catching color and luscious taste to salads. Their purple hue is preserved best by microwaving, but steaming and baking also complement purple-blue potatoes. Because of their mild yet distinctly nutty flavor, purple-blue potatoes naturally pair well with green salad flavors. Combine them with white and red potatoes in salads or roasted medleys to make all three colors pop.

Fingerlings: Fingerlings’ color and shape are a welcome visual addition to any dish. Pan-frying and roasting enhance their robust taste and showcase their wonderful nutty or buttery flavors. Consider fingerlings as a change-of-pace foundation for a unique potato salad. Split fingerlings lengthwise and oven-roast to serve as a small-plate or side dish alternative to fries, enjoyed with a flavored dipping sauce like spicy ketchup, romesco or Sriracha mayo.